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They Want You Tired

They sold our gilded cage

out from underneath us

And who can blame them?

Why even bother with

the pretense whe


rks just as well:

self-incarceration, a

gentle opiate

for exhausted,

restless minds


that things

were supposed to be



So easily ensnared are we

exhausted by our barless

prison-world, wardened

by screens that demand



all the time,

the very worst union

of Orwell and Bradbury

bombarding us

with newdoublespeak

buy, but save your pennies

eat, but lose weight

sleep, but don't go to bed just yet

why don't you finish

this next episode

tired people are winners, but

only if they're just tired enough

to function without thinking

too hard about it all

because after all

it's such an easy

thing to let go and

let them do the thinking

for you, you've had it

rough and tomorrow's looking

just as nasty so don't worry

about the big things we've

got it handled

for you

you can trust us

you will trust us


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